Ways to Give Your Apartment a Great Summer Feel

When summer is in full bloom, chances are that you’ll be wanting to spend less time stuck inside your apartment and be active outside instead. Nevertheless, you’ll still need to come back home at the end of the day, and nothing quite kills the summer mood like an apartment that fails to give off those precious summer vibes. Thankfully, with a little work, you can make your home a bit more harmonious with the summer season.

Brighten Up a Little

Summertime is all about the sun, so you should arrange your apartment to take advantage of all the extra natural light it’ll be getting. Obviously, you’ll want to keep your curtain and blinds open to let the sunlight in, but you don’t necessarily need to stop there. If you can, consider rearranging your furniture to make a window or the patio opening a more focal part of the living room.

You can also make better use of the light that you get coming inside. For one, make use of lighter fabrics that will reflect the light and give a more refreshing feel to your rooms. Consider a white or cream-colored sofa cover or even a pale rug that will create a sense of cleanliness and renewal. Or, consider hanging mirrors to catch and reflect the natural light, brightening up your home.

Bring Life Into Your Home

If you haven’t already, think about getting some plants for your home. Not only do they make great summer-appropriate decorations, but they also cleanse the air you breathe and provide a little companionship as well. There are tons of different plants you can choose from, all with varying degrees of attention needed.

Maybe you’re allergic to plants, or perhaps you just don’t want the added chore of taking care of one. That’s understandable, and you can still find summer inspiration in nature without actually having to keep plants in your home. Consider flower-print fabrics or even summery artwork to adorn your walls. While they might be as good as the real deal, floral prints will evoke a sense of life and color that can only do you good in the summer.

Let There Be Light

The inside of your apartment doesn’t need to be your only area of focus. What about the patio, the oft-neglected feature of many an apartment? With a little love, you can transform your patio from an unused add-on to a central part of your summer apartment. Where else would be better to enjoy the comforts of home while still reaping the rewards of the wonderful summer weather?

You can make your patio more appealing by adding some colorful, decorative lights. Maybe you could hang some lanterns from the railing, or you could set up some candles on your patio table. This will set the mood for when the sun goes down, creating the perfect ambiance for those cool summer nights.

Just because summer is the season for staying outdoors doesn’t mean that you should neglect your apartment. With an afternoon of work (and maybe a little bit of money), you can turn your home into the ideal summer hangout spot. Do it well enough, and you might not want to leave!


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