Top 8 Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

It’s not a secret that the suburbs are an attractive place for young families. It’s economical and provides the best environment for kids to learn and grow in a safe location. You’ll also see your money go further, and enjoy comforts of space and privacy. Here are the top 8 benefits of living in the suburbs:

  1. Suburban home benefitsQuality Schools: Typically, the school systems are stronger out in the suburbs. There are less students per teacher, giving your child more attention at school. You’ll see more resources in the classrooms, and more extracurricular activity options.
  2. Reduced Traffic: With fewer people, you’ll have less traffic. The roads are able to better accommodate the amount of traffic that it sees. You’ll still have some tight areas, but your commute will be much more predictable than the ever-crowded streets of the city. Not to mention, parking is a breeze. There are parking lots available for most stores that are free to use for customers. Forget about finding a parking deck and spending tons of money on meters.
  3. Quieter Living: With less traffic and fewer people roaming around at all hours of the day, you’ll experience a quieter living space. Outside will be quieter, which will give you a more peaceful sleep. This is important for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. The added noise makes you hypervigilant which never lets your nervous take a break. Quiet is important for mental health.
  4. Reduced Prices: Living outside the city limits means you’ll see reduced prices for rent and housing prices. Property taxes and other income taxes will also be reduced from living outside the city. There may be some inconveniences of a longer commute, but it can also save you tons of money over the course of a year.
  5. More Space: Not only are the prices cheaper, but you’ll also get more space for your dollar. You’ll find more square footage for the same price as a rental in the city. Spread out and find a comfortable place for everything in your home without feeling cramped.
  6. More Privacy: You’ll have fewer people around, and more space to enjoy, which also means that you’ll have more privacy. Living in the suburbs means you can enjoy solitude in peace knowing that you are truly alone.
  7. Safety: With fewer people around, you’ll also see less crime. The homes are set in locations with high security, the neighbors know each other, and there fewer poverty-stricken areas in the suburbs. In general, the presence of poverty is linked to the likelihood of being a victim of a crime.
  8. Getting Involved in Your Community: You’ll have more opportunities to get involved in your community to make an impact. In cities, there’s more competition, and you’ll want to devote excess time and money to spread your message. In a suburb, you can use local resources to enact change in your local neighborhoods.

The suburbs are the perfect distance from the city. It’s close enough to get to work and have a night out, but it’s also far enough away to have a quiet night’s sleep. Suburb living is the smart way to go.

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