Top 5 Fitness Apps of 2019

Exercise is a big hurdle. The hardest part about finding a fitness routine is starting. Once you’re in it, it’s easy to keep going. Find a few apps that will make exercising right at your fingertips. After you find the workout that you enjoy, you’ll want to keep doing it. Here are the top 5 fitness apps of 2019:

  1. My Fitness Pal: This app offers step and calorie counters all in one. You can track over 5 million foods, there’s a barcode scanner to find the exact match, and a recipe importer to keep your favorite meals. It keeps track of your exercise throughout the day, as well as the number of calories and amount of water that you consume. It gives you a comprehensive look at everything you take in and everything going out, energy wise. You get to see everything in one place, which is why it’s rated one of the number one fitness apps. The only thing that becomes difficult is staying on top of inputting all of your food data. Once you make it a habit, it won’t be too challenging.
  2. ACTIVEx: Here you’ll find a community-based workout regime. It’s similar to a social media experience, except for exercise. You can create a unique group with a collection of your friends, or you can find “packs” of other like-minded users to stay connected to. You can find personalized workouts for things you want to work on, or you can do group Tabata-based workouts with in-app coaching. You can also download training plans for distance running and share your success with friends and family.
  3. Sworkit: “Simply Work It” is an app that has a series of videos by personal trainers to lead you through an effective workout with lead examples. There are over 200 types of workouts, as well as options for kids. You can choose a standard workout or you can create a custom one depending on the length, things you want to target, and any other limitations. They combine interval training with other modes of exercise to keep your body guessing. You’ll see more results that way.
  4. Charity Miles: If you are a distance athlete, then this is the app for you. You can rack up money according to the number of miles that you travel, which will then be donated to charities. Cyclists can make $.10 a mile, and runners and walkers can make $.25 a mile. Even if you like to do a casual stroll, you can still set this app up to give back. The money comes from companies like Timex, Humana, and Lifeway Foods, and you can donate it to foundations like Wounded Warrior, Habitat for Humanity, etc.
  5. Pocket Yoga: This convenient app has over 200 positions, varying in skill and technique. You’ll have illustrations showing you how to properly do the movements and learn to move your body correctly. It’ll give you new yoga routines to do every day to constantly challenge you and encourage you to grow. As you progress, you can unlock other “environments” to exercise in. It’s completely designed by experienced yogis and instructors.

By connecting with your friends, you can make fitness challenges within your network of people, keeping everyone more accountable. You’ll have the drive to beat your friends, and make you more successful at staying on track. Share your success with loved ones so that they know how to encourage you to keep going.

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