Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

If you find yourself searching for that one bowl from your mother-in-law for 20 minutes while dinner is getting cold, or you swore you put your potato peeler in the drawer to the left, then chances are your kitchen hasn’t been organized in a long time. Isn’t it about time you put those frustrating searches to an end once and for all? Navigating through the various utensils, tools, dishes, and other odds and ends in the kitchen can be a hassle, not to mention a huge waste of time—time that could be spent enjoying a hot meal! Here a few quick things you can do to better organize your kitchen, and most of all, keep it that way.

One of the most important principles of great organization is to always store things where you need them. If you’re constantly searching in the same drawer for a utensil that’s usually hung next to the stove, then why not put it where your mind expects it? A good rule of thumb is to organize tools based on usage. For example, you may want to keep baking supplies nearest the oven, while cooking utensils nearest the island or place where you usually prepare dinner. It may also make sense to keep spices and things you use often out on display on the counter. Or, if you don’t use them as often, store them away so that something else can take center stage.

Items within easy reach might include things like oven mitts, a timer, or a big stirring spoon, which may need to be grabbed often or at a moment’s notice. In the same vein, items that aren’t used as much, such as large pots and pans, a crock pot, or seasonal dishes, can afford to be safely tucked away until they’re needed.

Another great trick to keep track of where certain items are stored is to keep your kitchen stocked as a reminder of what goes where. It may seem silly, but keeping a few cans of soup in the back that can hold the place of where more cans go can help you to plan your shelves even when food is running low. Save yourself time reorganizing by keeping placeholders there in the meantime!

One of the best tricks of organization is labeling. If items are labeled correctly and efficiently, it can make it easier to recognize the contents of a container before taking it down from a high shelf or moving other items around. Labels also make it easier to put things back where they belong. If you don’t already own a label-maker, you can use permanent or erasable markers, or try getting creative and using chalkboard paint and some chalk! If you’re feeling crafty, try out a fun Pinterest project for a solution to organization that doubles as cute décor.

Another tip for organizing your kitchen is to make use of awkward space in creative ways. Not all of us have a huge kitchen with tons of cabinet space and countertop surfaces—but that doesn’t mean we can’t fake it! Make better use of those weird spaces—or lack of space—by getting a little creative. Over-the-sink cutting boards can provide more counter space, and simple DIY projects can take your cabinets from total mess, to makeshift shelf paradise. Install hooks, cork boards, or magnetized boards to offer extra space for small utensils, spices, and other knickknacks.

Organizing your kitchen can seem like a large undertaking, but making these small changes can make a huge difference. Most times being more organized involves simply putting things back where they belong, and getting a little creative with how your limited space is used. Happy organizing!

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