This Year’s Winter Fashion Trends

When temperatures drop outside, you’ll need to make some drastic changes to your wardrobe to stay warm. For those that have yet to upgrade their wardrobe, or those that simply hate bundling up, winter may be the dreariest of times. However, this time of year provides plenty of opportunity for you to show your style and creativity.

Wondering what styles will set the tone in fashion this season? Here are this years fashion trends.

Black & White

Winter-FashionBlack and white may seem plain, but they are likely to be two of the hottest shades of the season. Be sure to bring plenty of black to your wardrobe, with white accents to add style. The goal here isn’t to look like a member of the Adams Family, but rather someone who presents a chic and modern presence. With plenty of black and white in your winter wardrobe, you’ll certainly present yourself in the utmost of style this season.

Jackets, Jackets, Jackets

If you don’t have a jacket for each outfit, you may need to expand your top-layer gear. Granted, jackets can be expensive, so you’ll want to invest in options that last. The good news is that coat and jacket styles rarely go out of fashion, which is why they’re a worthy investment. But while that pea coat you’ve had for years still looks great, now’s the time to expand your wardrobe and invest in a few other options.

Specially, bomber jackets, reefer jackets, trench coats, and the aforementioned pea coat are all going to be trendy this winter. These will be the best options to consider when expanding your wardrobe.

Slick Vinyl

Looking for something that will really set you apart? Vinyl is one of those winter trends that is catching popularity amongst daring fashionistas, making it something that the extra bold may want to add to their wardrobe this winter. Dior is one brand in particular that is pushing for vinyl this winter, as many of their seasonal outfits offer this high-class look. Vinyl is a futurist style, but the future may be here if you’re bold enough to wear it.

Natural Tones

Just because you’re bundling up this winter doesn’t mean you have to lose the color of your natural tones. Ralph Lauren’s winter lineup offers plenty of softer tones that will look great during the seasonal weather changes. This line is also incredibly soft to the touch, which will be even more comfortable against your skin this winter.

Contrast the darker colors in your wardrobe this winter with lighter neutral tones.

You’re going to look great this winter as you add new items to your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to impress your boss, dress up for a special event, or simply capture the perfect selfie for social media, the style options on this list are perfect for the season. Consider this year’s winter fashion trends as you start to build your wardrobe and you’ll turn heads no matter where you go.

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