The Strangest Election Results Around the World

It’s safe to say that this election year has been all-around pretty strange for everybody. However, if you thought things were odd, our election doesn’t hold a candle to some of the weird stuff that’s been up for vote around the world. As you begrudgingly head to the polls this voting day, keep these wacky election results in mind.

Cacareco the Rhino for City Council

In any election, it’s not unusual to see odd names turn up in the results. Some people write in candidates as a protest vote or just for laughs, and these ballots are usually inconsequential. In 1959, however, Brazilians made their point loud and clear when more than 100,000 voters chose to elect Cacareco, a rhino at the Sao Paulo Zoo, to city council. To this day, it was one of the best turnouts for a local Brazilian candidate. Unfortunately, Cacareco never made it to office, and another election was held shortly thereafter.

From High School to the Mayorship

Would you put your town’s political well being into the hands of a teenager? Apparently, the citizens of Goole, Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom, felt confident enough to elect 19-year-old Terence Smith to the highest office of the town in early 2016. That’s not to say that the newly-minted mayor–the youngest elected in U.K. history–is without experience. Just a year before, he was elected to the town’s deputy mayor position, also the youngest person ever to take on the role.

Bosco the Dog for Mayor

You think it’s hard to be elected mayor when you’re 19 years old? Try being a dog. In fact, Bosco the black lab had it pretty easy in 1981, when he won the election for honorary mayor of Sunol, California. While the position is an honorary one, you have to feel sorry for the two real people who he ran against and beat. Bosco served as mayor of the town until his death in 1994, and in 2008, the town erected a statue in his image outside the post office. Joke position or not, that’s better recognition than most human mayors get!

A Tie Settled by a Draw of the Cards

They say every vote counts, and a few cases in Nevada go to prove that saying. The 2002 election for Esmeralda County Commission was so close that it was declared a tie. So, what do Nevadans do when they tie in an election? They leave it to the cards to decide. The Democratic candidate, R.J. Gillum, won by pulling a jack of diamonds against his Republican candidate, Dee Honeycutt. Oddly enough, the cards had to be brought out again when two candidates tied during the 2011 North Las Vegas city council primary. The moral of the story: make sure you get out to vote, and if you’re running for election, you’d better be good at drawing cards!

Some of these strange election results were the result of a joke, others more serious, but they should all teach a lesson about the importance of getting out to the polls. Something to think about when you submit your vote – whether it’s for a person or an animal!

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