Sightseeing in Marlton

Marlton is rarely given enough credit for all that it offers. To outsiders, Marlton is a peaceful and calm area of just over 10,000 people in suburban New Jersey. But for those that live here, Marlton is a community of neighbors that make for a wonderful living experience. And with so much history that is in Marlton, there is always something new to do.

If you are new to Marlton, or if you are just in town for a few days, it might be a bit overwhelming as you try and find things to do. Therefore, here are some of the best Marlton sightseeing options to consider during your time in New Jersey.

Parks And Farms

Golf-CourseThere are so many historical parks and farms in Marlton that you’ll never run out of things to visit. Because the parks and farms in Marlton have so much history to them, they are truly something that you have to see to understand the value of. The two most popular farms in the area are likely Country Farms and Musulin Farm. Both of these options provide you the chance to see what the real day-to-day operations of a farm are like. These farms also produce many of the local products used here in Marlton.

In addition to the farms, there are also many parks in Marlton as well. The most popular park is the one that connects Marlgreen Tract to Baker Tract. This is located centrally in Marlton, and it is the home of many community events throughout the year. Evesboro Downs is another popular park that many people enjoy spending their time at as well.

Ramblewood Country Club & Indian Spring Country Club

Bring your clubs and get ready to hit the links if you visit Marlton. The home course here in Marlton is known as Indian Spring Country Club. This course offers a perfect challenge for all levels. There are certainly some holes that will challenge even the best of them, but even novice golfers will have a good time making their way through long fairways and fair greens.

Ramblewood Country Club is another golf course that is located just north of Marlton. It provides a good mix for whenever you want variety way from Indian Spring, and many golfers switch between the two in order to mix up their golfing practice.


Located near Cherokee High School is the once hidden location of PH-32. This was the secret base that was used to hide Project Nike, a missile that was used during the cold war. Though you won’t be able to openly find where PH-32 is located, it’s certainly worth asking around to locals about it’s whereabouts. PH-32 is more than an urban legend in Marlton, it’s part of the community itself.

The options on this list are some of the best for sightseeing in Marlton, New Jersey. However, as you walk through the township, keep in mind that many of the buildings that you are looking at are built with marl clay, which is where Marlton gets its name. So if you are looking for the perfect piece of history for your social media selfie, you have plenty to choose from in Marlton.

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