Philadelphia Sightseeing

When you cross over the bridge into Philadelphia, know that you have stepped into one of the most historic cities in the entire world. Without Philadelphia, the history of the United States would look a whole lot different, and there are plenty of places that you can visit to see just who those historical moments went down.

Here is a look at some of the best sightseeing options in Philadelphia.

Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is more than just a site to see during your time in the City Of Brotherly Love. Instead, it’s one of the most iconic symbols of American history. The Liberty Bell has been stamped on coins, placed on clothing, and symbolized a city for over 200 years. No trip to Philadelphia is complete without seeing the Liberty Bell.

Be sure to bring your camera when coming to visit the Liberty Bell. Getting your photo with the Bell will allow for you to have a poignant and powerful part of history that you can share with generations to come.

Rocky Steps

Philadelphia-Art-MuseumThere are few fictional characters in history that are more symbolic than Rocky Balboa. The pride of Philly, Rocky iconically ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum Of Art during his training in the first movie. Even though Rocky didn’t win his first fight against Apollo Creed, he would stamp his place in American history as being the underdog who never quit. That’s Philly for you, the city that never quits!

Independence National Historical Park and Independence Hall

Independence National Historical Park plays a substantial importance in American history due to the role that it played in the American Revolution. Located in a district of other important parks in Philadelphia, Independence National Historical Park is the true gem that is a must-see. Along with sprawling hills, there are plenty of historical landmarks throughout the park as well.

No trip to Philly is complete without a visit to Independence Hall. Located in the park as well, you can see Independence Hall as it has it’s majestic overlook of the park. There is something truly special about Independence Hall, and you’ll be able to be right in the middle of so much history during your time at Independence National Historical Park.

Franklin Square And Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Benjamin Franklin is certainly one of the most influential and historical characters in Philadelphia’s history, which is why there is so much throughout the city that is geared at honoring one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Benjamin Franklin Parkway runs right through the heart of Philadelphia and is a scenic boulevard of many of the most historical monument in the city. Franklin Square is one of the oldest parks in the city, and it was one of the original pieces of William Penn during the outlay of the city.

A trip to Philadelphia provides for more sightseeing than you can ever imagine. With so much to see and do, consider starting your trip by seeing these spots first. Who knows what else you’ll find during your excursions of one of the most historic cities in the world.

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