Outdoor Eating Options In The City

Looking to try something new and fun this summer while in Philadelphia? If so, then there are plenty of outdoor eating options that will provide for as much entertainment as they do delicious eats. No matter where you are in the city, or what your stomach is craving, you are sure to find something you love.

Group Of Friends Enjoying Meal At Rooftop RestaurantHere is a look at some of the best outdoor eating options in the city of Philadelphia.


One of our favorites in the entire city, Southwark is a quaint and quiet little restaurant that is quickly becoming incredibly popular amongst the Philly locals. This place is ideal for a quiet night out with someone special, as the lighting and ambiance makes for a very romantic atmosphere. In addition, they also offer a variety of different UK-inspired treats, as well a vast variety of different other infusion-inspired options. Southwark brings a bit of the United Kingdom to Philly, and it’s certainly an outdoor eating option in the city worth visiting.

Le Virtu
The name is fancy, but don’t let this steer you away from expecting a great time. Le Virtu is a popular patio restaurant in East Passyunk, ranging from family crowds in the afternoon to a more lively bunch in the later evening. One of their best food options include the lamb skewers, so be sure to try them during your visit to Le Virtu.

Talula’s Garden
This hidden gem in Aimee Olexy is one that you will be happy to stumble across. As the name implies, this hidden oasis provides a relaxing and tranquil garden atmosphere. On the menu is a host of lighter options that come straight from local farms here on the East Coast.

America Sardine Bar

Looking to take in a Phillies game while also enjoying your favorite beer and burger under the sun? If so, then you’ll love all that the America Sardine Bar offers. On top of an expansive menu, their laid back environment is perfectly outfit with beer cans and other American odds-and-ends. While some of the other options on this list may be the perfect outdoor eating option for you and someone special, the America Sardine Bar is great for you and your friends to let loose during the summer.

In Riva
Don’t worry pizza fans, we haven’t forgotten about you. Known for their amazing Neapolitan-inspired pies, In Riva is one of the top pizza joints in the entire city. Add in the fact that you can grab either a slice or an entire piece, while also enjoying it on a beautiful balcony, and you may never want to leave. In Riva also has a full bar outdoors, so you can refill your wine glass or beer mug as often as you need to ensure that you have the perfect addition to your pizza.

Whether you are looking for something quiet and easy, or something more lively and entertaining, you are sure to find it in Philly. With the options on this list, not only will you find delicious meal choices, but the outdoor seating arrangements are perfect for soaking up that summer sun.

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