Most Scenic Places in Jersey

New Jersey is home to several hidden gems. We are all familiar with Jersey’s beautiful shores, but have you gotten to know other parts of our great state? There is a great deal of history that is tucked away in different towns and cities that are waiting to be explored. Learn about the early settlers, see how the industrial revolution took off, and appreciate all of the nature that surrounds us at these scenic places in New Jersey.

  1. Passaic River Great Falls: Who would have guessed that New Jersey would be the place for the modern industrial revolution? Paterson, NJ was the first city in America that was designed to be an industrial focuses city. They made everything from cotton and silk clothing, to paper for printed books. Everything was centralized around the Great Falls, which generated power for the machinery to work. Learn about the amazing advancements that the Great Falls provided to the entire nation, as well as, enjoy it’s timeless beauty.
  2. Parsippany: As the Passaic River moves towards the Atlantic, it opens up into the Passaic River Basin at the town of Parsippany. The town is a coastal marshland, full of wildlife and color. It’s a part of the Whippany River Watershed, which covers almost 70 acres of land across the Morris County line. This river basin is home to more than 3000 flora and fauna that are threatened or endangered species. Help protect and appreciate the wildlife of New Jersey by visiting this natural wonderland.
  3. Seaside Heights: The Jersey Shore is a vacation spot that everyone loves. It’s great for the kids and some fun in the sun. Seaside Heights is built along the coast and has a boardwalk that offers everything from food to rides and games. It’s an adventure for everyone in the family. No matter where you stand on the pier, you’ll have a fantastic view of the ocean in every direction. Have your beach day, and end it with an evening of fun while you watch the sunset.
  4. Clinton, NJ: Clinton, NJ is home to two historic mills, The Red Mill and the Stone Mill. The Red Mill is now a museum that preserves New Jersey’s history by keeping up the old mill so that many future generations can both learn from its significance in history, and appreciate its beauty. The Stone Mill has been converted into an inn and event venue that elegantly hosts weddings, receptions, and parties. Both are on the river, which provides excellent scenery, especially in the fall when the leaves come alive with color.
  5. Barnegat Lighthouse: This lighthouse was a critical part of aiding the transportation of ships between New Jersey and New York. It sits on the tip of Ocean County, and it was originally lit in 1859. Now, it is open to the public as part of the state park. You are able to climb to the top of the Light Keeper’s Catwalk during certain hours.
  6. The Painted Ladies: Also known as “The Painted Homes,” The Painted Ladies are nestled in Cape May, and are famous Victorian Era homes that are brilliantly colored. A fire broke out in 1878 that destroyed much of the town. As they rebuilt, these beautiful Victorian style homes are what appeared. Each home is unique and beautiful. Take the time to appreciate the craftsmanship and personalities of each home.

Even though it is small, New Jersey is full of life and history. See where New Jersey has been so that you can be a part of its future. Appreciate the different landscapes from the beach dunes to the rivers and valleys. There’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

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