Is It Too Early To Celebrate Oktoberfest?

When it comes to one of the most celebrated holidays in the world, Oktoberfest is surely a favorite amongst those who enjoy drinking a cold lager on a brisk fall afternoon. But with the root of the word sounding so close to, “October,” many people living in the Western Hemisphere are easily confused as to when they should celebrate. However, if you are looking to celebrate early and begin drinking soon, then you’ll be happy to know that Oktoberfest actually takes place in September – meaning you can pull out the lederhosen and Schweinebraten sooner than you even imagined.

Oktoberfest-BeerWhy is it that Oktoberfest is celebrated in September? When this holiday was originally created in 1810, it started in mid- to late-September and ended (16 days later) on the first October of the year. As we’ve transitioned through time, some of these timeframes have adjusted a bit. However, the idea of Oktoberfest beginning in September and ending at the beginning of October is quite common throughout the world.

Now that you know it’s not too early to begin celebrating this wunderbar holiday, lets make sure that you are ready to celebrate Oktoberfest in true fashion. And where else would you begin doing that, then by loading up on brew at the store. Beer has a long lasting history in Eastern Europe, including in German culture. This is why Oktoberfest was created to celebrate their heritage, and it’s now transitioned into something that tips a cup to this part of history.

Of course you’ll want to consider purchasing some true Oktoberfest beer during the season. Instead of filling up on your normal pilsner, some of the top Oktoberfest beers to consider include:

  • Firestone Walker Oktoberfest – Full-bodied and hoppier than your average beer.
  • Indian Wells Marzen Madness – Deep amber with floral aroma, full of organic hops.
  • Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen – Medium body with an easy-to-drink taste.

What good is a great beer, unless you are enjoying it with an equally as enjoyable meal? Luckily for you, Oktoberfest is also known as a time of year that calls for plenty of Eastern European delicacies. Whether you want prefer simple or you’re ready to try something new, Oktoberfest is a great time of year to learn about foods from a different culture. Including:

  • Potato and Beer Soup
  • Duck Meatballs with Cherry Sauce
  • Caramelized Onion Pretzel Rolls
  • Beer Braised Brisket
  • Wiener Shnitzel (or Jaeger Schnitzel)

With so many food and drink options to choose from, it’s no a good thing that you don’t have to wait until October to start celebrating Oktoberfest. Instead, it’s the perfect time for you to begin celebrating this once-a-year festivity to the fullest. Not only is Oktoberfest a great opportunity to drink and be merry, but it’s also an opportunity to learn something new about a culture you’re unfamiliar with. Maybe after falling in love with Oktoberfest this year, you’ll find plenty of reasons to celebrate it time-and-time again in the coming years.

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