Interesting Facts About Marlton

Located within Evesham Township and Burlington County, Marlton, New Jersey, ranks among the smallest and least-populated areas in all of the state. However, just because Marlton may not draw the same attention as some of the other big name cities, don’t take for granted all that this area has to offer.

Marlton is full of historic value and interesting tidbits. Over the years, Marlton has remained a staple for those that live within the census-designated place, and it continues to remain stable in terms of economic resources and population density. Here is a look at some of the more interesting facts of Marlton, New Jersey.

It All Started In The Early 19th Century

Marlton is one of the oldest areas in America. The history of Marlton can be traced all the way back to 1676, which is when it’s estimated that Welsh and English farmers came to the area. Though the name was not settled on as Marlton until the early 19th century, there has been plenty going on in the area for much longer than that.

The Marlton Economy Stays Consistent

New-Jersey-MapIt’s hard to argue that Marlton isn’t consistent when it comes to their economy. When the census first started taking numbers in Marlton in 1970, there was roughly just over 10,000 people living in the district. Over 30 years later and that number still floats around the same point, which just goes to show that people who live in Marlton rarely leave because they enjoy it so much.

Project Nike

PH-32, which was a Cold War Project Nike missile base that was used during the cold war, was made it’s home in Marlton, New Jersey. In Marlton is Cherokee High School, and it’s well known that PH-32 was located near by. Though the missile was never used, Marlton played a big role in helping to keep the nation on stand-by in the event that more drastic measures were needed to keep United State’s civilians safe.

Did You Know?

To those who are unfamiliar with it, “Marlton” is quite the unusual name. However, did you know that “Marlton” comes from the name of the marl clay that is commonly found throughout local soil? When settlers first started coming to Marlton, they used this clay to help with buildings, homes, businesses, and more. Not only is Marlton the name of the area, but there was literally tons of marl clay that was used to build many of the first buildings in the distrcit.

To the average outside, it may be just as easy to overlook Marlton as it is many of the other smaller cities, towns, and neighborhoods in New Jersey. However, when you take a closer looked you’ll realize that Marlton is much more than just a small area on a map. Instead, there is plenty of historical value in a small parameter. And for those that call Marlton home, it’ll be a big surprise if you ever catch them leaving. Whether you are looking for your next vacation or a more permanent move, take a look at Marlton.

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