The Importance of Cruelty-Free Products

Through the centuries people have used cosmetics and additives to make themselves appear more appealing to others. Men and women would paint their faces in ancient Egypt. Later, in the 1700’s, women would add put on white lead powder to make themselves look more pale. Not only for the beauty industry, but people have created and used hygiene products for years from soaps, perfumes, and breath fresheners. Only in the past century have we added science into the mix. There are pros and cons to mixing high tech chemicals into our daily routine.

The benefits are that we have longer lasting and more effective products, but the downside is how we discover them. Scientists don’t want to use these new products on humans, so instead they opt to test them out on other live animals who have similar body compositions as us. And so begins the discussion of cruelty-free products.

  1. How is testing on animals cruel?

For decades, the cosmetic industry has been using animals to test new chemicals and products before they test them on humans. Sometimes, these experiments cause severe rashes, burns, and damage to the animals organs. It’s starting to lose favor in many different respects, and is starting to be banned in several countries. It’s not only the typical lab rats that science experiments are done on. It’s cats, dogs, rabbits, and other furry friends that we call pets.

The lab technicians apply creams to the animals shaved legs, spray new aerosoles on their hair, or inject them with experimental chemicals to see what side effects arise. Usually this causes great discomfort and harm to the animals.

  1. Why is supporting cruelty-free products important?

Of course, we don’t want to see these harmful effects on humans, but there are better methods to testing out new products. Science has advanced and we are able to test new chemicals and products such as in vitro testing. Not to mention, there are already over 7,000 safe and approved chemicals that manufacturers can use.

Instead of harming innocent animals to add to our vanity, we can opt to use all-natural products or shop from companies that choose to not test on animals. Your dollars matter, and where you spend them shows companies what is important to you.

  1. What companies make cruelty-free products?

There are a few strongholds out there who still use animal testing. They claim to be eco-friendly, but haven’t changed their testing methods. These multinational companies are L’Oreal, Dial, Johnson & Johnson, Ponds, and others.

The number of companies that are cruel-free are ever growing. Feel confident buying from any one of these companies:



Alamo Organics

Alex and Ani


Alba Botanicals

Pin Up Girl

Ecco Bella

Hard Candy

Urban Decay


Plus many others


Doing a little bit of homework to see exactly how your daily products are made will help you become a more informed buyer. It may take a little bit of an adjustment to find new cruelty-free products that work for you, but the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that everything that you use is good to animals will be well worth it.

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