How to Bring Joanna Gaines’ Style to Your Apartment

Are you a fan of “Fixer Upper”? Obviously, there are a lot of “Fixer Upper” fans out there, as Chip and Joanna are now working to create their very own television channel and seem to have an endless amount of projects going these days. They have Magnolia Market and numerous books, along with a line of products available at Target.

But, if you take it back to the beginning, you know that people became fans of “Fixer Upper” because we loved Chip and Joanna’s chemistry together and they completed some amazing renovations with incredible designs. Of course, not everyone can have a “Fixer Upper” renovation, but if you want to bring some of Joanna’s style to your apartment here are a few ideas.


You can’t talk about Joanna Gaines without immediately thinking about shiplap. Shiplap is that wooden board that is often found on the exterior of barns and sheds that Joanna repurposes to create statements walls. Now, a wall full of shiplap is not going to happen in most apartments, but you can bring shiplap into your space. Think about creating an art piece from shiplap. This will bring this quintessential Joanna Gaines element to your apartment in a manner that is feasible and stylish.

Quotes as Art

Joanna loves her quotes. She’s famous for using “Today is a good day for a good day” in many of her designs. If you have a quote you love, consider making it into art. It could be a framed poster, a painting, or vinyl lettering. There are lots of options available and you can pick a style that fits your decor.

Oversized Clocks

You will often see oversized clocks in Joanna’s designs and they are a great design element for you to incorporate if you like the look. A large clock creates a focal point in a room and can make a large impact on smaller spaces.


When it comes to rugs, “Fixer Upper” always has its fair share. Joanna tends to go for durable rugs in plain colors (like white or pale gray) that can be placed on hardwood floors, over tile or even over existing carpet. Rugs are a great way to spruce up your current decor as they bring a feeling of warmth to a room and can easily be changed when you are looking for a new style.


Plants are a staple when it comes to Joanna putting the final touches on a space. She often puts groups of plants together to create little collections throughout the homes they renovate. Plants make a space feel “homey” and cared for, and the great thing is that they are not an expensive investment. When you head to your local garden center to pick out some plants for your apartment, be sure to pick plants that can receive adequate light and require a care level you can provide.


When you watch an episode of “Fixer Upper” you will see that neutral colors are very popular, with white being the dominant color. White can be a scary color when you start to think about how to keep it clean, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a try. Things such as white slipcovers, white pillow covers, white rugs, and white curtains can all be easily washed. White can brighten your space and makes it easy to add additional colors to your design palette.

If you want a little bit of Joanna Gaines’ style in your apartment then you can have it! Use these ideas to get started and begin transforming your space today.

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