What to Expect If You Decide to Go to Your High School Reunion

High school reunions: they can be something you spend years looking forward to or dreading – or both. Of course, there’s no law telling you that you must see your old high school friends (and possibly enemies), but catching up with your graduating class is a great way to see what everyone’s been up to. No matter what happens at your high school reunion, it’s bound to be interesting, but in ways you might not have expected. Here are some ways you might be surprised when attending your high school graduation.

Not Everyone Will Go

If your main intentions for going to your high school reunion are to reconnect with that old crush or see what the gang’s doing these days, don’t necessarily hold your breath – not everyone will be going. Some of your old classmates may have moved away, some might not be interested in attending, and some might not even know there’s a high school reunion until it’s too late. Still, if your reunion’s organizers are using the Internet to plan the event and send out invitations, you might be able to get an early idea of who’ll be showing up.

Your Classmates Have Probably Changed

Seeing how the people you knew long ago have changed is part of the fun of attending your high school reunion. That said, time has a funny way of reducing those memories of your high school classmates to a few traits you remember them by, which may or may not still hold up. Think about yourself – you’re certainly not the same person you were in high school, and you probably wouldn’t like people to see you as the person you used to be, or at least the way they perceived you to be. After all, a lot of stuff has happened since graduation, and you’re a totally different person now, right? This is most likely what everyone else is thinking, too, so don’t expect these people to necessarily be the same as the idea you have of them.

Things Might Not Be As They Appear on Facebook

High school reunions are a little different from how they used to be. With Facebook, we can more easily keep up with our old pals, whether that’s by staying in touch through messages or by creeping on the pictures they post. However, it’s important to remember that what your old classmates post online is only a small, highly selective window into their lives. They’re more likely to post only the good things going on in their lives – and yes, perhaps embellish a few things as well. It’s best to go into your high school reunion with as few expectations as possible.

It’ll Be Hard Not to Compare Yourself to Others

It’s only natural for people to compare themselves to others around them. And at events like high school reunions, where you get to see what people have accomplished (and failed to accomplish) in the years passed, it’s nearly impossible not to compare your life to theirs. Unfortunately, doing so can be pretty unhealthy. On one hand, seeing yourself as better than your classmates isn’t very fair to them, and on the other hand, feeling unaccomplished in comparison can harm your self-esteem. Realize that the only person you should be comparing yourself to is you and the goals that you set for your life.

Heading to your high school reunion with an open mind is bound to set you up for the best results. Who knows, you might reconnect with old friends or even make new ones! And the better time you have, the greater chance you’ll be heading to the next one a few years down the line.

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