Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Is the focal point of your home feeling a little drab? Chances are, your family spends most of their time in the living room, so it should feel inviting and relaxing no matter what time of day it is. By making a few simple changes, you can easily spruce up your living room to make it feel more welcoming and new again.

  1.     Add new life to old things. If you’re on a budget, and you’re tired of looking at the same coffee table, then it’s time to get creative. Painting and refinishing old pieces can make them look like new. Chalk paint for the weathered, rustic look is everywhere. It’s fun and easy to use. You can’t mess it up, because it’s supposed to look distressed! You can even add fun designs with stencils or painters tape for simple stripes.
  2.     Bring nature inside. Whether it’s fresh cut flowers, or a potted plant, nothing refreshes a space like some greenery. Adding a touch of nature makes the room feel alive.
  3.     Make a focal point. You don’t want to have all of the pieces in the room competing with each other. Choose one or two things to be the center of attention, like an accent wall, a patterned rug, or a bright couch. Everything else can complement the focal point, which will bring the whole room together.
  4.     Refresh your fabrics. Reupholster the sofa or chairs. After years of wear and tear, the old fabric gets stained and faded. Something as simple as a slipcover can make a world of difference to update a room. If a complete overhaul of the fabrics is not in the budget, then adding in new throw pillows can be all the change you need.
  5.     Now that you have that focal point, tie the rest of the room together with framed pieces of wallpaper or fabric that you used. A room will look professionally designed when the wall décor matches the pieces in the room.
  6.     Let the light in. Bring in the natural light by making the windows appear larger than life. Hang your curtain rod high, and let the drapes fall to the floor. Pull the drapes back to let the sunlight fill the space. Instead of heavy curtains, try to find a lighter sheer fabric to let more light in.
  7.     Bounce the light around the room with accent mirrors. Adding a few wall mirrors will make any space feel larger and brighter.
  8.     Don’t forget about the ceiling! Fix up an old ceiling fan with new blades or, update the light fixtures to mimic your new modern feel. For a fun new twist, think about painting your ceiling a light, sky blue to draw your eye up, making the room feel airy.

As soon as you begin brainstorming ideas, you’ll realize that it doesn’t take much to spruce up your living room! In fact, many times all it takes is a fresh coat of paint or furniture stain to bring a sitting area back to life. By using a few simple tips, like bringing nature indoors, freshening up your fabrics, or adding more light to the room, any living room can be easily taken from drab to fab.

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