Creative Activities for the Whole Family on Thanksgiving Day

We may look forward to Thanksgiving for its big turkey feast, but the true meaning of the holiday, of course, is to spend time with our loved ones and appreciate all the good things in life. So, while you might be anticipating a table shared by your family and full of food, it doesn’t hurt to have some other activities planned as well. If you’re at a loss of what you and your folks can get up to on Thanksgiving, consider these fun and creative activities.

Get Artsy With a Craft Session

Bust out the scissors, glue, and construction paper! Crafts are always a great activity for kids, but Thanksgiving is especially accommodating for those who like to stay busy with their hands and come up with something creative. Because there’s so much lore and so many symbols associated with the holiday–turkeys, pilgrims, leaves–your craft makers are sure to find a lot of inspiration to work with. While you could leave them to their own imaginations, there are also many craft ideas you can find online. At worst, you could always go with the classic hand turkey!

Collaborate on Cooking

Even if you aren’t hosting dinner this year, your hosts would surely appreciate an extra dish on their Thanksgiving table, so why not make some memories with your family by cooking or baking something together? While this might not scream “fun” for some absent-minded children, it’s all in how you sell the activity. Plus, it makes for a fantastic learning ability, offering lessons in both cooking and kitchen safety. Just watch that no one sneaks any unapproved samples.

Give Back to the Community

While Thanksgiving is a time for us to be thankful for what we have in life, others aren’t as fortunate. With that in mind, you and your family could spend some time helping those in need by volunteering at a local charity or shelter. Even if you only spend a couple of hours helping, your efforts will surely be appreciated. Also, it’s not a bad idea to introduce your young ones to the practice of being charitable.

Participate in a Turkey Trot

With the leaves falling and winter just around the corner, do you need any excuse to spend some time outside being active? It’s not uncommon for various organizations to hold “turkey trots”–short runs and walks–on or around Thanksgiving. Although your family might not jump at the opportunity to exercising on Thanksgiving, perhaps the greater purpose behind these walks will. Oftentimes, the proceeds of the races go to local charities, so even if you aren’t in it for the competition, at least you can be for the good it’s doing in your community.

Get Active in Other Ways

If going for a family run doesn’t appeal to the rest of your kin, there are other ways you can all get outside and get some exercise. Many families are content to spend some of their day with a friendly game of football, but if your group isn’t big enough–or you’re just not big fans of throwing around the pigskin–there are definitely some more creative avenues for getting active. For instance, you could put a twist on the Easter egg hunt by hiding some small pumpkins around the home or neighborhood. Or, even if you don’t have to worry about raking the yard, you could still head to a nearby park and have some fun jumping around in the leaves!

There are a lot of great things you and your family can do on Thanksgiving, but it’s worth remembering that the holiday can also be one of the lazier days of the year. So, if you and your family are finding it a bit difficult to get up and about after your big Thanksgiving meal, don’t be too stressed if you decide to all curl up on the couch and watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” instead!

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