Best Places to Find New Music

The radio is fine, but it can only take you so far. Mainstream music has become predictable and repetitive. If your musical ear is itching for something more, then you need to dig a little deeper. Take a few risks by listening to bands you’ve never heard of to see if their new sound gets your feet tapping. The best avenues to find the ground-breaking artists are through blogs, word of mouth, and good-old-fashioned searching. Visit these trusted sites to help you streamline your search.

Spotify: Let the robots take over and tell you what to listen to. It’s like listening to the radio, but better. You can choose an artist to listen to, or choose a genre to get started. Use the app wherever you are. You can get fresh finds after listening to Spotify for 30 days. It’ll track what artists you listen to and give you suggestions based on artists who are similar. You’ll get a Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlist to always keep your music playlist current. You can stick with the free subscription where you’ll occasionally have ads, or you can upgrade for a few bucks a month for ad-free listening and other perks.

Paul Lester’s Band of the Week: Instead of leaving it up to automation, take advice from an expert. Paul Lester has been writing for The Guardian for over a decade. He has an accurate sense for what’s about to hit big, and it’s not limited to the United States. You’ll get bands from around the globe. Get a taste for what’s coming out of the UK, French synth jams, and funky R&B. Your musical palate will expand ten-fold.

Complete Music Update (CMU): CMU, originally called College Music Update, has grown up to include more in-depth musical finds.  Listen to podcasts about the hottest trends and stay current on music news around the world. If you’re looking to take your music knowledge to the next level, you can subscribe for the Premium account. You’ll keep your thumb on the ever-changing pulse of the music scene.


Resident Advisor: Search under the Music tab to quickly see artists, new tracks, and listen to top DJs around the world. Are you looking to find live music near you? Check under Events, Clubs and Festivals to see what’s playing around you.

Cokemachineglow: Take it from the critics. Read up on what music critics are saying about the latest beats that are dropping on the airwaves.

The Quietus: Read up on the latest reviews and latest news. These articles go past music, and also spotlight art and film. But the bulk of it is all about what’s happening in the music world.

A few other blogs to stay up on are The Fader, Sputnikmusic, Complex, and BandCamp

SoundCloud: SoundCloud is best for up-and-coming artists. Artists are able to create their own work and put it out for everyone to enjoy. You can spend hours traveling down different rabbit holes finding more and more amazing new work. SoundCloud acts like a social media site where you follow your friends, see what they are listening to, and see posts from your favorite labels. You can see who famous and big artists are listening to and which record labels are signing whom.

Pitchfork: Pitchfork is my personal favorite spot to find all of your music info. You’ll get the full spectrum of music reviews from past decades, to the avant garde, trendy music from around the globe. It can be edgy and thoughtful, all at the same time. Learn about past musical movements and how they influence the music coming out today.

Take some time and get lost searching for something new to inspire you. The Internet has been a major game changer for the music industry. You don’t have to wait for record labels anymore. Artists create the music, and send it out for you to find it. Fall in love with some new tunes!

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