Best NJ Colleges

New Jersey is fortunate to have several top-ranked schools in the nation. You don’t have to travel far to get an excellent education. There are liberal arts schools, tech schools, and science-focused schools. Think about what area of focus that you desire, and do a little research to see which school is right for you.

  1. Princeton University: Princeton University is the top-ranked college in New Jersey. Harvard and Princeton usually compete back and forth for the #1 spot in the nation. As of last September, Princeton clinched the #1 spot. The rank is determined by a number of criteria, such as student outcome, faculty resources, financial resources and more. As an Ivy League school, it limits its undergraduate population to 5,400 to keep it competitive. By keeping the students they accept to a low number, they keep the ones that they get because they are dedicated.
  2. Stevens Institute of Technology: As technology is launching into the forefront of everything that we do, tech schools have become increasingly more important. You can learn everything from computer sciences to robotics and more. It’s on the cutting edge of innovation for all sciences and businesses. There are other areas of focus that you can study as well, such as marketing and management. Right now, it is the top rated school for the best value. It’s rated #9 in the nation, and the 5th safest school in America.
  3. Rutgers University: Rutgers is the largest institute of higher learning in New Jersey. It’s an American public research school, with over 150 undergraduate majors to choose from. It was originally called Queen’s College when it first opened in 1766, making it the 8th oldest college in the USA. There are multiple locations in Camden, New Brunswick, Bridgeton, Piscataway, and Newark. Rutgers has about 36,000 currently enrolled, and it has a high retention rate for its students.  
  4. The College of New Jersey: The College of New Jersey was established in 1855 in the suburbs of Trenton. It is ranked #1 for several programs, including business, education, engineering, humanities, nursing, and science. It is currently ranked #1 for the top public institute in the northeast. There are global programs that encourage students to go out and experience the world while they continue their education at sister schools. There are also Greek life, clubs, and numerous events throughout the year to bring the students together. One thing that is unique to The College of New Jersey is that it also has a program for entrepreneurship. It’s one of the first in the nation that teaches students how to run their own business and be successful.

There are countless excellent schools in the state of New Jersey. Take your time to get to know each one before you make any decisions. Go to the schools, sit in on the classes, and talk to current students to see if it will be a good fit for you. The best way to see if it’s a good school for you is to experience it first hand. You’ll know the second you step on campus if you feel at home.

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