Best Ice Cream In South Jersey & Philadelphia

In the mood for something sweet tonight? If so, you are going to love the amount of ice cream options in south New Jersey and northern Philadelphia. No matter what side of the river you are on, you are sure to find something that will fill your belly in the sweetest of ways.

With tons of options to choose from, here are some of our top choices for the best ice cream in south Jersey and Philadelphia.

South Jersey


Bent Spoon – Princeton

Scoop-of-Ice-CreamThe Bent Spoon is one of New Jersey’s most well-known ice cream shops, so of course it tops the list of must-visit parlors.  They make all of their ice cream from scratch and from hand. They also offer a ton of flavors you’ve never even heard of, such as chocolate habanero and oyster. Even if these extreme flavors are a bit too exotic for you, the Bent Spoon is guaranteed to have something you’ll like.

Johnny B Good – Ocean City

We love the old town vibe that we get when we head to Johnny B Good. Not only is the atmosphere nostalgic, but their menu is expansive. Aside from a ton of different ice cream flavors, they also have cakes, floats, and other specialty choices. Johnny B Good offers a bunch of different ice cream options, which are equally as good as the environment of the restaurant.

Thomas Sweet – Princeton

The staff at Thomas Sweet treats every person that comes through the door like family, which is why we love this locally owned parlor. Go in often enough and chances are they will even remember what your order is, which is amazing when you think about how many people go there every day. We love Thomas Sweet, and we’re sure you will too if you are in Princeton.




Franklin Fountain – Market Street

Franklin Fountain has the feeling of an old-time parlor, and that adds to the appeal of this ice cream shop. Their specials include sundaes mixed up with seasonal flavors. We love the double chocolate cream sundae, but you’ll find plenty of other options on the menu as well.

Weckerly’s – Baltimore Ave.

This is one of those mom-and-pop, or husband-and-wife in this case, shops that has become a staple in Philadelphia. Weckerly’s highlights a variety of different ice cream flavors throughout the year, but their buttermilk rhubarb is a favorite that brings people from far and wide to try.

Big Gay Ice Cream – Broad Street

Big Gay is an over the top ice cream shop that is known for the rainbows and unicorns on the wall. They also have a ton of flavors that are equally as different in colors and flavors. Big Gay Ice Cream is one of Philly’s most well-known parlors, and it’s probably for their Key lime pie as much as it is their wild designs on the walls.

If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, then be sure to visit any of the south Jersey & Philadelphia ice cream options mention here.

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