Best Cars for a Long Commute

Those that commute to work know the importance of having a reliable car. Much like a pianist relies on their piano for their craft, a commuter relies on their car to get to and from work each day. As those days add up, the hour or so that is spent in the car can quickly turn into days of time that you’ll never get back. If you are going to be stuck in your car, then you might as well have something that makes for an excellent experience.

Picking the perfect car for a commuter can be difficult. They will want something that is small and lightweight so that is fuel efficient, but also something that is big enough to not feel claustrophobic while driving on the road for hours each day. Since we now live in a world where technology is continually involved, having a car that has additional features may also be something a commuter looks for.

To help you find the perfect combination of fuel efficiency, size, and bonus features, here’s a look at the best cars for a long commute.

Toyota Prius

It should come as no surprise that the Toyota Prius makes the list, as it remains the industry leader for long-distance commuter cars. Not only does the Prius rank highly in fuel efficiency at 51-mpg in the city (48-mpg highway), but newer models are equally as impressive under the hood. With 134 horsepower, the Prius can handle whatever conditions get in your way while in transit to work. Prius models also have great resale value, due to the fact that they are a wise investment as fuel efficient vehicles.

Long-CommuteVolkswagen Jetta

German engineering makes for a great commuter car in the Volkswagen Jetta. Specifically, the Jetta TDI is great for those that are on the road for between 50 and 100 miles each day. Since 2011, the interior of the Jetta has gotten increasingly larger, which is ideal for taller drivers. And with 140 horsepower under the hood, the Jetta can handle any additional size that it has over similar cars. The Jetta TDI is among tops for those that are true commuters and put endless miles on their car each day.


Mazda makes a handful of sedans and coupes that are ideal commuter cars. The reason that the Mazda2 stands out is because it gets a bit higher scores for handling (which means better gas mileage) than other options on the line. The Mazda2 also comes in an automatic four-speed, which will help to get upwards of 29-mpg in the city (35-mpg highway). This Mazda model won’t blow other drivers away while on the road, but it’ll help you get to your destination each day with great fuel efficiency.

Honda Insight

Last, but not least in the slightest, the Honda Insight is worth test driving before deciding on the perfect commuter car for you. The Insight not only gets great gas mileage, but it also has 91-lb-ft of torque thanks to 73 horsepower under the hood. The Insight also has great technology options inside, making it a well-rounded option for commuters looking for the best car for their drive.

If you’re looking for the best commuter for your long drive, consider the options here as the best for fuel efficiency, size, speed, and power.

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