Best Careers for Introverts

Do you consider yourself an introvert? The technical term of an introvert means that you are energized by being alone, and that interactions with people can drain you. Introverts aren’t typically the life of the party, but they do absorb and take in everything around them. They have an active internal monologue as they see and consider the world around them. If a job that requires talking to strangers all day sounds intimidating to you, then maybe one of these professions would suit you better. Here are the best careers for introverts:

  1. Animal Trainer: For those who don’t like to interact with other humans, working with man’s best friend might be the answer! As an animal trainer, you’ll be able to become a specialist with a specific breed or behavioral problem to set yourself apart from the crowd. You’ll most likely need to work or live in a large city to have the opportunities and clients to support your career as a trainer. Market yourself or become connected with a wildlife animal habitat group to gain new clients. The average salary for an animal trainer is about $30,000/year. You’ll be greatly rewarded with plenty of sloppy kisses!
  2. Private Chef: A chef or private chef is a great way to express your creative side, and it gives you the ability to spend hours alone in the kitchen. Attend a culinary school to gain the knowledge and experience that will help you excel with a frying pan. After getting some experience with professional kitchens, you can network to find a group of folks to cook for exclusively. Find a wealthy corporation and become the head chef to serve private dinners and cater lunches, or cook for a family at a private residence.
  3. Web Developer: The internet has offered introverts a wide variety of new jobs that they can do behind a screen. Create stunning websites, make mobile apps, and change the algorithms to give users a better experience. You’ll need some coding knowledge, which can be taught in schools or from online courses.
  4. Graphic Designer: Another online position that is excellent for introverts is a graphic designer. Use your creativity and craft new images to show for print and online. Marketing agencies need rotating graphics to spread the word about their promotions. Use your skills to create eye catching images that will go on billboards, magazines, and on websites.
  5. Industrial Engineer: An industrial engineer works to streamline production processes in manufacturing companies. You will manage and lead the company on how to proficiently and efficiently make the product. You should have an eye for processes and enjoy practicality. You’ll examine how things are currently being done, and look to see if there are ways to speed up the process without sacrificing the quality of the product. The average salary for a position like this is around $85,000. It’s a fantastic job or thinking introverts who prize functionality.
  6. Writer/Editor: It’s easier to be a writer today than ever before. The internet has opened up a whole new world to us at our fingertips. To start making a living from writing today, create your own blog and begin regularly writing. Once it gains popularity, then you can make money from advertisements on the page. Or, you can take the time to draft a book. Research publishing houses, and send off a copy for review. Writing is a liberating and exciting area to be in, but it also takes a good deal of self-discipline and determination. Stay focused, and put your thoughts into action to make your dream profession come true.

Not everyone is made to do the same kind of work. The world needs all types of people to function properly, and introverts are a major part of that. Never feel inferior because you like to keep to yourself. Share your thoughts through actions and caring to make the world a better place.

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