Benefits of Taking a Break From Social Media

There are plenty of benefits to social media. Mainly, the various social networks allow you to keep tabs on your friends and family in different ways. However, as time goes on, we’re discovering that using social media isn’t all good, and in fact, using it too much can be quite a problem. If you’re considering a break from social media, here are some of the benefits you’ll likely encounter.

More Time to Do the Things That Matter

How much time do you think you spend on social media? Whatever figure you come up with, it’s probably actually more. Time flies by when you’re scrolling through your feeds, and that’s time you can spend doing things that matter more to you. Despite its advantages, social media probably isn’t really that important to you. Instead, focus on getting to the things that are more important to you, whether it’s spending time on healthier activities or even getting more sleep.

Better Quality Sleep

Speaking of better sleep – if you have a habit of flipping through your social feeds right before bed, you’ll be happy to know that getting off social media can do wonders for the quality of your sleep. The blue light emitted from screens plays tricks on your mind, fooling it into thinking it’s still daytime and not time to go to sleep. Instead of turning to your phone for late-night relaxation, find another calming activity to end your day. You’ll feel more rested in the morning.

Greater Self-Esteem

One thing that researchers are beginning to realize is that social media isn’t always that great for our self-esteem. As the rationale goes, when you’re browsing social media, you’re often checking in on your friends and family’s highly-curated, best-looking feeds. It’s only natural to compare yourself to the people around you, and when you see only the best everyone else has going on in their lives, you’re viewing a misleading version of the truth. Cutting out social media and instead focusing on the good–and the bad–in your friends’ real lives will make you feel better about your own.  

Less Distractions

Those who study social media say that using it often can rewire your brain. And no, that’s not a figure of speech. Spending too much time on social media can affect the neural pathways in your brain, getting you used to the instant gratification that you get from clicking on links and watching short videos. Weening yourself off of social media (and internet overuse in general) will make you a bit more patient in other areas of your life. Plus, you’ll live more in the moment when you take your eyes off the screen.

More Meaningful Relationships

One of the toughest parts of giving up social media is losing the convenient ability to contact to your friends at any time you wish. Did you forget that you can still get in touch with them outside of social media? Instead of casually watching their lives from the sidelines of social media, make a real effort to reach out through phone calls, emails, or of course, meetups in person. Chances are that you won’t be missing out on anything when you quit social media. You’ll probably find that your loved one is more than willing to catch you up.

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