Back to School Tips for Moms

Back to School Tips for Moms

It’s that time of year again! The summer vacations and pool days are behind us, and now it’s time to get back to the daily grind. The kids are itching to see their friends again, and you’re ready for a little break. It can be hard going from 0 to 60 from summer that first month of school. Here are a few tricks on how to start the school year off right.

  1.     Collect necessary paperwork. School admissions require immunizations, previous years’ report cards and transcripts, athletic physicals, and birth certificates. Go ahead and combine all the necessary paperwork for each student in a separate folder to save you the last minute scramble. Check your school’s website ahead of time for what papers are needed.
  2.     Get everyone on a good sleep schedule. Ease into the new time schedule the week before school starts back. Limit the late nights and start setting your alarm a little earlier each day to reset your body clock. It may not be fun, but you’ll be glad you did the first week back. You want everyone in the house to be well rested and in a great mood, and the only way to do that is to get a great night sleep. To fall asleep faster, try putting a few drops of lavender essential oils on your feet. This helps to calm your mind and relax you so that you can slip into dreamland effortlessly.
  3.     Plan out wardrobes. Before you start shopping, take an inventory of every closet. The kids are growing like weeds, and the clothes from last fall probably don’t fit quite right anymore. Make sure everyone tries on the old clothes and sort them into different piles. This is a perfect time to clear out and organize the closets to fit all the new clothes and supplies. Donate the clothes that you can’t wear anymore and pass down any that still work to the younger kids. Then comes all the shopping!
  4.     Start a calendar. Once the school year hits, the days fly by, and everyone’s schedule runs together. One of the best ways to coordinate between the whole family is to make a joint calendar of events. That way no one misses a soccer game or a PTA meeting. Take advantage of technology and use cloud-based calendars to share between family members so everyone can see the family schedule while you’re on the go.
  5.     Meal prep. After all of the summer pizza pool parties, you’ll need a fresh start to your diet as well. Before you hit the grocery store, make a meal plan for lunch and dinner. Go in with a plan for snacks and breakfast as well. Double the recipe for a few dinners during the week to break free of the sandwich lunches. Instead of putting the leftovers in a large container, go ahead and separate it out into individual portion containers. That way, they can be easy grab-and-go for the morning hustle. Snacks can be one of the most difficult things to keep on track. Instead of the easy bag of chips, do some grapes, chips and salsa, or even trail mix with nuts and fruits. It will keep you full in between meals, but you’ll get more nutrition and natural energy.

Going back to school doesn’t have to be a headache for all involved. Get your sleep schedule, closets, and meals on track with a few simple changes in routine. Avoid the last-minute scramble to get together paperwork, school supplies, clothes, and other responsibilities by planning ahead. Starting a calendar can also be a great way to stay organized and prepared as the new school year takes over!

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