7 Ways to Save Money Shopping on Amazon

Everyone wants to know more ways to save, especially on the things that we buy every day. Amazon has made it easy to find ways to save money and buy everything you need in one spot. You don’t have to run out to three different stores to get what you need. Now you can do all of your shopping at home from one website. Here are 7 ways to save money shopping on Amazon:

  1. Shop The “Today’s Deals”: Before you start your day of online shopping, browse through Today’s Deals first. You might find what you were looking for at a cut-throat price, or you could spot that wish-list item that is at an unbelievable deal that you can’t pass up. They have everything from home goods, to electronics, and clothing under Today’s Deals.
  2. Price Checker Plug-in: Once you have all of your things in your cart, check to see if you have the best price for everything. Before you hit Checkout, let a browser plug-in quickly scan the web to see if there are any better deals out there, or if there are any coupon codes that could be applied to your order. There are several ones that really do work, like Honey and Amazon Assistant.  
  3. Amazon Prime: Everyone knows about Amazon Prime. There are so many benefits to becoming a member. Yes, there is an upfront cost, but you gain a lot from being a member. You have movies, TV shows, music, books, free shipping, the best prices, and even deals at Whole Foods. Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you lived before without it.
  4. Don’t Delete Emails: I know–who wants more emails? But, if they give you great exclusive deals on things that you were going to buy anyway, then you might want them. Amazon doesn’t overwhelm you with nonsense emails. They send you great coupons and discounts to shop with. Sign up to receive emails and don’t delete those emails. You never know when you’ll be shopping and want to see if you have a discount code that you can apply.
  5. Ebates: Ebates is a website that has portals to all of the online shopping sites that you could ever want. Once you go through to the site that you want to shop through, eBates will pay you a percentage of what you spend for going through them. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s real. They will let you transfer your accrued cash to your bank once you reach a designated amount. Get paid to shop!
  6. Amazon Subscribe and Save: Are there things that your household needs every other week? If so, put it on a subscribe list that gets automatically shipped to you at the frequency that you desire. By being on a subscription plan, you’ll save more on each item.
  7. Amazon Coupons: Clip all of your digital coupons and save them for when you checkout. Once you buy the item that you have on your list, Amazon will automaticallyapply the coupons that you have saved.

With these great saving tips, you’ll never have buyer’s remorse because you’ll always know that you found the best deal possible. Even if you do need to return something, Amazon makes returns fast and easy. Save time and money by shopping online with Amazon to find all of the deals you could want.

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