7 Ways to Keep Kids Brains Active Over Summer

Kids are little sponges that soak up tons of information daily. It’s great to have time off for everyone to recuperate, but it’s also important not to let those little minds get bored. Lazy brains that are attached to screens for the entire summer, makes going back to school significantly more difficult for everyone. Help keep the kids sharp and entertained with fun brain activities!

  1. Learn to Cook: One of the biggest skills of life that adults still struggle with is cooking. Teach kids at a young age the basics of cooking so that they are better prepared later in life. It’s an active way for kids to get involved in the house as well. You can teach them favorite family recipes, or you can put them in a class to teach them technical skills.
  2. Play an Instrument: It’s a proven fact that learning a musical instrument increases overall brain function. Music incorporates the arts as well as mathematics. It’s something that challenges kids’ brains and bodies to hold and play the instrument. It teaches them to stick with a difficult skill as well. It’s not something that can be picked up easily, and requires time and practice.
  3. Read: Kids need you to show them how important reading is. Read to them and with them to encourage your kids to read more. As they get older, have weekly chapter books to read, and go to the library often to pick out what interests them.
  4. Go on Educational Trips: There’s history all around us. Take your kids on a short field trip to a local place that is steeped in historical treasures.
  5. Get Creative with the Arts: There are so many different artistic outlets that your kids can take advantage of during the summer months. Start drawing or painting at the house, or try out for a local play. Try making a paper mache pinata, or a fun collage of the past year. Anything that gets the creative juices flowing and keeping their hands busy.
  6. Play Math Games: Keep their little minds sharp with mental math games. Give them quizzes while you’re driving in the car to help them stay up on their math skills. Create a bingo game out of numbers to encourage the kids to play while they learn.
  7. Do Science Experiments: Don’t be afraid to get a little messy with this. Do simple science experiments so they can see and explore the world around them. Encourage them to come up with topics that they are interested in, or let them develop a full experiment themselves. There are fun things like creating an egg holder that will protect a raw egg when dropped. Or, the classic experiment of Mentos in diet coke. Make sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messy!

With these brain-stimulating games and activities, kids will remember more of what they learned from the last school year, and be better prepared for the next year ahead. When kids get to decide what they want to learn, they’re dramatically more likely to learn faster and remember it longer. They’ll have a full summer, and you’ll never hear the words, “I’m bored” again!

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