7 Ways to Impress Your Boss

Everyone wants to have your boss recognize a job well done. Not only that, it could lead into a promotion or higher pay. Having experience and book smarts are great, but you can’t teach work ethic. Show your boss that you are willing to put in the hours to make the team the best team around.

  1.  Arrive Early Ready To Work: Just because someone has punched the clock, doesn’t mean that they are ready to get to work. Arrive early enough to do your morning routine around the office, which doesn’t count as work. Get some coffee, say hello to coworkers, and turn on your equipment. When your shift begins, it means that you’re at your desk putting in real manpower.
  2.  Abide By The Dress Code: Show up to work looking like you put some effort into your appearance—even if you have a manual labor occupation. Brush your hair, and teeth, have a pressed shirt, and smile. If your job requires certain safety clothes, then don’t cut corners. Wear the correct shoes, and safety gear to protect you on the job. Women should avoid wearing revealing clothes, to prevent awkward HR conversations about how to dress for work.
  3.  Offer Solutions Not Problems: Throughout your work week, you’re going to run across issues in the way. Before you come to your boss, think of a way to solve the problem at hand. Always be upfront about what is going on, and tell them the problem you are facing, but don’t stop there. After explaining your situation, offer a viable solution or solutions. Let your boss weigh out what seems best, and let them make the final call without unwelcomed pushback.
  4.  Anticipate The Team’s Needs: As you are on the job, think about what each person is going to need in order to perform their job. Communicate with everyone on the team to create a cohesive group that functions well.
  5.  Never Say, “That’s Not My Job”: There will be things that pop up in your line of work that don’t directly fall under your job description. That doesn’t mean that you throw your hands up. Figure out how to make the solution work. By coming together and helping each other out with problems, you’ll get more done faster. Show imitative by being a team player and taking on tasks that aren’t delineated to you.
  6.  Create Peace Not Drama: You’ll never get along with everyone in the office, but that doesn’t mean that you need to create enemies. Keep things peaceful by keeping your opinions to yourself and maintaining politeness. Don’t feed into rumors and gossip. Bring people together instead of forming isolated groups.
  7.  Hit Deadlines With Exceptional Detail: It’s not enough to just complete the job. Do it on time, and do it well. Put thought into your presentation and make the work exceptional. Show that you thought about all of the possibilities and took pride in doing your job.

If you make life easy on the boss, then you’ll stand out amongst the crowd. Your boss will notice your leadership qualities and want to move you along your career path with more responsibilities and compensation.

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