6 Ways to Bring New Life to Old Furniture

One of the most expensive things we spend money on is furniture. If you have a great table, there’s no need to get rid of it just because it’s dated. Spend a weekend and create a completely new table by using a few of these tricks. Here are six ways to bring new life to old furniture:

  1. 6-ways-to-bring-new-life-to-old-furniturePaint All or Part Of It: An old piece of furniture might be fully functional, but over the years it’s collected its fair share of stains. Give it a modern refresh by changing the exterior color. Use a paint thinner to remove any lacquer that is on the furniture. Then use some sandpaper to buff the surface. Choose your paint color, and cover the entire surface that you desire. Sometimes, only adding a pop of color to the drawers can be enough to give it a complete facelift.
  2. Cut It In Half: Especially in a smaller apartment space, an old piece may not fit in the new space well. To still utilize your piece of furniture in your new space, you can cut it in half. Mount one end to the wall, and have two of the legs support it out front. It’s a great way to go for a night stand, a small kitchen table, or a small foyer table.
  3. Replace Hardware: This is the easiest option out of all of them. All it takes is a screwdriver and trip to the store! Find the hardware that speaks to you, and buy enough to cover all of the old spots. Undo the old ones, and pop in the new ones. Be mindful to measure how long the screw needs to be so that it fits in the existing holes.
  4. Use It For A Different Purpose: Sometimes old pieces can make great additions to the house in ways that they were never thought of before. An old liquor cabinet can make a great modern vanity by popping in a mirror. An old chest of drawers could be a bookshelf or storage space by removing the drawers. Reinvent how you want to use this piece of furniture, and decorate it to match the room.
  5. Engineering Print/Wallpaper: A fast and bold way to change up a piece of furniture is by applying engineering prints to the finish. Print out a large image that you love, and cut it to fit the flat surface you want to adhere it to. It works well for table tops and the front of drawers.
  6. Add or Replace Legs: Old furniture can have broken or defunct legs. Give your old piece a new flair by replacing the legs. You can add a modern touch to the design depending on what legs you choose.

You can take a boring piece of furniture and transform it into the centerpiece of the room. Update any era furniture to match your current style, while saving hundreds of dollars from buying all new pieces. Plus, by adding your personal touch to the furniture, it speaks louder in the room. You’ll love your new look and save your old memories.

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