5 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly (And Save Money!)

Sometimes the smallest actions can make the biggest impacts. The little things that we do everyday without thinking can contribute to the added waste that we see around the world. Change your way of thinking and be intentional about being eco-friendly. When you waste less, you’ll save money too!

  1. Cook With A Pressure Cooker: You may remember your grandmother cooking with a pressure cooker. They fell out of fashion for a time, but they are making their way back into kitchens everywhere. The main benefit is the speed at which the pressure cooker cooks. Instead of spending an hour on the stovetop, the pressure cooker can take a quarter of that time. That’s big energy savings for you, as well as precious time that you can’t get back.
  2. Start A Compost Pile: One of the biggests sources of household waste in the U.S. is food. We spend tons of money at the grocery stores and restaurants and don’t eat all of the food. If you waited too long to eat those tomatoes, don’t throw them out. Instead, put them in a covered compost pile. Use the compost to fertilize your plants and support your soil. You’ll save money on buying potting soil and fertilizers, and it’ll make you more conscious of how much food you are wasting.
  3. Ditch Disposables: There is a time and a place for disposable items, but they shouldn’t be for everyday use. In your home, stay committed to avoid using disposables as much as possible. Use cloth napkins that will do a much better job at handling big messes than several paper napkins. Same goes for forks, knives, and plates. A stainless steel fork can be easily cleaned and reused hundreds of times, rather than filling up a landfill with tons of plastic waste. You can also avoid buying plastic water bottles. Buy a water filter that you love, and refill a reusable water bottle to carry with you to stay hydrated.
  4. Carpool: Save on gas, tolls, parking, and wear and tear on your car when you carpool. Find a local friend that lives near you, and is willing to carpool with you. Don’t wait to be asked to carpool. Put out feelers to see if you can find someone nearby. Plus, it’s nice to have the company for the commute.
  5. Clothes Swap: The other thing that Americans waste is clothes. We buy closets full of clothes that we barely wear, and then get rid of them. Instead of contributing to the clothing waste, get with a group of friends and have a clothing swap. Grab the things that you no longer want and add it to the pile. Have a few folks over for drinks and make a party out of it! It’s like a massive dressing room in your house. Leave with “new” items, and avoid spending more money at the mall.

Feel better about living in the world by being an active contribution to less waste, while saving more money. Before reaching for what’s convenient, consider the other options that you have. Change the little things that you have control over, and you’ll start to see other ways to be more eco-friendly and save money.

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