5 Unique Gift Ideas for Your SO

It’s Christmas time, and you’re stuck. You want to give your Significant Other (SO) something meaningful, but you don’t know what they would want. They already have enough clothes, and things to fill a warehouse. So instead, get creative and think of other ways to gift your love.

  1. Unique gift ideasTickets to a Sporting Event: Does your SO love a specific sport or team? Don’t just buy him/her the jersey–get them season tickets or a game ticket for the upcoming season. It’ll bring the entire experience to life. You can make a day out of it with tailgating, friends, and of course, the game. Go big with VIP tickets so they can have an experience of a lifetime! Watching the game at home is fun, but there’s something about the electricity of being at the field. Give your SO the excitement of helping bring their heroes to victory.
  2. A Weekend Getaway: Life can get you both in a rut. The romance is hard to keep alive when life keeps getting in the way. Take time away to reconnect and do something fun that you normally don’t do. Plan a weekend getaway to a nearby spot, or a dream destination. Keep your eyes out for discount airfare. Airlines will often drop ticket prices to fill up seats. You can plan out a simple road trip that will take you 1-2 hours away. Visit museums, go out to eat, and see all of the tourist sites to see. Spending time together in a new area will break up the monotony. Think of where your SO has always wanted to go, and make time to spend with them without any cares all weekend long.
  3. Dance Lessons: Give the both of you the gift of dance. It’s a skill that you can learn together, and something that you can continue to enjoy for many years afterwards. It’s one of the more romantic hobbies to share together. You are able to touch and be close, have fun, and learn something new together. You’ll be itching to show off your new moves! After the dance lessons, you can make it into a recurring date night. The gift that keeps giving year after year.
  4. A Cooking/Cleaning Service: Everyone has that chore that they hate doing. Maybe it’s mopping, cooking, or doing the dishes. Make it so that your SO doesn’t have to do that dreaded chore anymore. Hire a cleaning service or cooking service to take the stress off. They can sit back, relax, and enjoy the house. It’ll be a big weight off of their plate, and plus, it’ll give them more time with you to have fun. Pamper your SO at home by taking the work out of the day.
  5. Plan A Surprise Party with Friends: Of course your SO loves you, but it’s also nice to know that others love them, too. Shower them with appreciation by throwing them a party with all of their friends. Contact old college friends, family, roommates, colleagues, and anyone in between. Get as many people together as possible, and cater a fantastic event for your SO. Have everyone at the party write notes of their favorite memories with your SO to keep as an artwork.

By giving someone you love an experience, you create an unforgettable memory that will live with them forever. It’s less about the money and the object, and more about how much you care about them. It will be obvious how much time and effort you put into showing them that you love them.

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