4 Things that Happen When You Avoid Sugar for 30 Days

The American diet is filled with sugar. Some dishes we expect to see sugar, while others may surprise you. Sugar hides out in labels under different names like dextrose, sucrose, maltose, and more. The best way to get rid of excess sugar in your diet is to avoid anything that has a long shelf life. If it comes in a box or a can, odds are, it has sugar. Try eating only meat and veggies for 30 days to see what happens. Here are four things you’ll notice when you cut back on sugar in your diet.

  1. The Withdrawal: This is the most difficult part of the sugar cleanse. You may not realize it, but almost everything we eat has some form of sugar in it. Sauce, preservatives, condiments, and of course candies all have sugar. We’ve had some type of sugar constantly in our diet for as long as we can remember, which means weaning off of it is hard. Sugar lights up your brain with reward chemicals making it similar to a drug. You’ll experience about five days of feeling irritable, having cravings, frequent bathroom trips, and distracted thoughts. Push through! It’s worth it on the other side.
  2. More Consistent Energy: Once you pass the five day threshold, you’ll start to notice that you don’t have the afternoon tired slump. You’ll have the energy of a cup of coffee without the jitters. Your natural glucose levels are taking over. You’re using energy from natural food sources to keep your blood levels even, rather than getting sudden spikes of sugar throughout the day.
  3. Regulates Hormones: Now that your body is regulating its blood sugar from food sources, you body is better equipped to create the correct amount of hormones it needs every day. Surges of sugar confuse the brain on what the body needs. With extra dopamine and regular sugar crashes, you put added stress on your body. Now that things are leveling out, it is better able to see what your natural hormone production should be. With your hormones leveling out, you’ll find that you have better skin, hair, nails, attitude, stress levels, energy, and regular ovulation cycles for women.
  4. Reduce Brain Fog: Now that your brain isn’t being bombarded by confusing signals, it can process information better. Sugar creates an excess of dopamine in the brain, and once you hit a sugar crash, it then causes a severe lack in dopamine. Your body goes into stress, which releases cortisol into the bloodstream, gumming everything up. Cortisol makes you react with the fight or flight response, which usually isn’t needed every day. Now that you’ve leveled out your brain chemistry, you’re able to think better, recall information more easily, and react better to stress. If you’re thinking clearer, then you’ll make better decisions, giving you more confidence.

You can still enjoy natural sweeteners such as honey, agave, and some stevia. After a few days of no sugar, you’ll notice that apples taste sweeter, that carrots are bursting with flavor, and that you don’t miss it nearly as much as you thought you would. Life on the other side of sugar looks much brighter.

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