4 Reasons To Visit Citizens Bank Park This Summer

Citizens Bank Park is a staple in Philadelphia. You can’t think of this historic city, without considering the championships that the Phillies have won and the unforgettable games that have been played here. From Bobby Abreu to “The Flyin Hawaiian” Shane Victorino, and that’s just to name the guys who have put on a Phillies jersey.

Now just imagine the opponents that have come through here as well.

But while you may go to Citizens Bank Park for the list of names you’re likely to see, there are plenty of other reasons to visit this stadium. Whether you’re an avid sports fan with a bucket list of stadiums you want to see, or just a casual fan who is in town for the day, here are 4 reasons to visit Citizens Bank Park this summer.

Delicious Food You Won’t Forget

Young-Boy-Watching-Baseball-GameWhen you visit Citizens Bank Park, do so with an empty belly and be prepared to feast on some amazing ballpark food. Where else in the world would you expect to find a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich that you will never forget? Or if hot dogs are more your thing, then don’t miss out on the Phillies annual Hot Dog Night for $1 Hatfield dogs. From the moment you walk into Citizens Bank Park, your senses will spark with the enticing smell of some of the best ballpark food in the majors.

Fellow Fans Cheering For Their Phillies

Fans in Philadelphia don’t mess around. And while you may not want to come around sporting your Yankees, Red Sox, or Cardinals hat, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be welcomed at Citizens Bank Park by thousands of other fans if you support the home team. Phillies fans are diehards, and experiencing the atmosphere in the stadium is a must for anyone who loves sports. Show up early and enjoy the tailgating festivities on game day for an even more enjoyable day at the park!

The Phantic Riling The Crowd

The Philly Phanatic has been ranked the top mascot in all of sports, making him worth the visit to Citizens Bank Park. If you are looking to bring your kids to the park for a day, then be sure to line up to get your photo taken with the Phantic. Your child will never forget the memory, and the Phantic will help you make the most of your visit to the stadium.

The Footprint For Future Generations

Citizens Bank Park continually strives to set the standard for environmental awareness in stadiums. When you flush hundreds-of-thousands of gallons of water each year, run lights 24 hours a day, and use countless amounts of other energy, you need a system in place that helps to limit the impact it has on the environment. That is why the team at Citizens Bank Park continually strives for the best environmental footprint possible.

There are plenty of great MLB stadiums around the country. However, there are only a few that stand out amongst the competition as a stadium you certainly will want to visit in your lifetime. With the top four reasons mentioned here, you can see why Citizens Bank Park is one of those select few.

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