3 Apps To Use This Holiday Season

During the holidays, there never seems to be like enough hours in the day. If it isn’t the holiday parties and lunch-ins, it’s shopping for family or planning a New Year’s Resolution. For those that are adding travel to the mix, it can be an even more hectic time of year.

One way to get ahead of the holiday rush is to maximize the technology options that are readily available at your fingertips. Mobile apps aren’t just for playing games or scrolling social media. Instead, you can use your smartphone to help you take back the holiday season.

Here are 3 apps to use this holiday season. No matter what you have on your plate, these apps will help you keep things organized.  

Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide by Food52

Those that love to host won’t want to take on the holidays without the Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide from Food52. This app is loaded with food ideas, including appetizers, main meals, side dishes, desserts and drinks. The app can also help to provide suggestions based on the amount of people that you plan on hosting for. Whether it’s your first holiday party or you’ve lost count as to how many you’ve hosted, Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide by Food52 will help you whip something up that everyone will enjoy.


Holiday-AppsThere’s nothing worse than taking your time to pick out the perfect present, only to notice it hikes up in price the moment you swipe your credit card. To make things easier on you, PriceGrabber will help to ensure that you get the best prices on everything that you purchase. The app uses a detailed algorithm to determine when the best time to buy is, which can be helpful during the holidays when prices are always fluctuating. Not only will you be able to save a ton of money during the holidays, but you’ll surely find the most wanted items that your friends and family have on their wish list. Knock out all your shopping, while also saving money in the process with PriceGrabber.


What’s great about WorldMate is that it takes all of that useful information that five or six other apps gather, only it’s presented in one easy-to-use program for your smartphone. With WorldMate, users will be able to find pretty much everything they’ll need along the way, from hotel ratings to airport WiFi speeds. And if you need to make a quick change, you can easily do so and re-divert your trip with WorldMate.

This time of year can be such a headache for those who travel often. To avoid the rush of others and to ensure that you make the most of your time on the road, use WorldMate to stay organized.

Whether you’re looking to stay connected or simply stay ahead, rely on your mobile device to help you this holiday season. And with these 3 apps to use this holiday season, you’ll be sure to make the most of this time of year.

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