2015 Spring Fashion Trends

Woman-Wearing-Denim-ShirtIt’s that time of year again. The temperatures are rising, which means the clothing options are changing. If you are looking for tips and spring fashion trends, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the hottest looks that they’ll be talking about this spring.

For Her

Trouser Suits

If you haven’t noticed, trouser suits are in ladies. These suits show power and class, but they are also comfortable and multi-functional for a variety of different events. Get a trouser suit for work this spring, and you’ll find it equally as comfortable at happy hour as well.

Bohemian Nights

That dressed-down look that you’ve been hoping would catch on for years, finally has. Pull out all your BoHo gear, because this is the spring to wear it. From tassel skirts to thong sandals, BoHo is in this spring.


Denim has been hot for a few years now, and the trend seems to continue this spring too. If you have that denim jacket or a pair of high-rise jorts that you wore last year, you’re good to wear them again in 2015.

Go Bold

Pastels are great for Easter, but that’s when it’s time to drop them in your wardrobe. Instead, go bold this spring with vibrant colors and tones. Adding these colors to your wardrobe will show people that you really are a fashionista at work or when playing.


For Him

Blazed Up

Just like the ladies, power is in this spring, guys. Therefore, bring out that blazer and get ready to wear it in a variety of different scenarios. Since it’s spring, a blazer looks good with either a button up shirt or a dressed-down V-neck under it. If you are looking for something a bit more formal, throw on a skinny tie and you’ll have the perfect look for the spring.

Man-Wearing-Boat-Shoes-With-DenimBright Jorts

Khakis are still stylish, but jean shorts are really what’s taking the fashion world by storm this spring. But while denim works well for the ladies, men should spice things up with bolder colors. Neon greens and deep reds will look great, especially with boat shoes and a polo.

Keep Accessorizing

Mens’ accessories continue to rise in popularity. Along with belts and watches, bracelets, hats, and other accessories are growing in the style industry. Speaking of watches, keep your eye out for the Apple iWatch, which might be one of the most popular trends of the season.

To Sock Or Not To Sock

Speaking of boat shoes, what’s the word on socks this season? For the last few years, high socks have been the flavor for men, which may not be the case this year. While high socks do remain popular, sockless with boat shoes is gaining a lot of traction. Keep an eye out for this trend, and be sure to leave your socks at home if the occasion doesn’t call for them.

You can look great this spring, with just a few considerations to your wardrobe. The season is upon us, so be sure to get out there and spice up your clothing options to look your best.

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