7 Ways to Save Money Shopping on Amazon

Everyone wants to know more ways to save, especially on the things that we buy every day. Amazon has made it easy to find ways to save money and buy everything you need in one spot. You don’t have to run out to three different stores to get what you need. Now you can do […]

Best Careers for Introverts

Do you consider yourself an introvert? The technical term of an introvert means that you are energized by being alone, and that interactions with people can drain you. Introverts aren’t typically the life of the party, but they do absorb and take in everything around them. They have an active [...]

Work From Home? How to Manage Your TIme

The internet has created a fantastic new world of work-from-home positions. You don’t have to wake up extra early to put on a suit and sit in traffic. Now, you can grab a cup of coffee from your kitchen and commute all the way to your home office desk. It’s very convenient, but it can […]

How to Create A Budget And Stick With It

Money makes the world go round. We need money to eat, have a mode of transportation, and for a dry place to sleep. It’s the main motivator for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. We all want a piece of the pie, but sometimes it’s hard to manage it. There are times where it feels as though […]

Most Scenic Places in Jersey

New Jersey is home to several hidden gems. We are all familiar with Jersey’s beautiful shores, but have you gotten to know other parts of our great state? There is a great deal of history that is tucked away in different towns and cities that are waiting to be explored. Learn about the early [...]

4th of July Safety Tips

The sun is out, the kids are out of school, and work has given you a holiday. It’s the perfect time for barbeques, swimming, and fireworks. All of those things come with certain risks. Keep your holiday fun by avoiding risks that could cause injuries. Plan for accidents, and have emergency kits [...]

How To Settle Roommate Decorating Dilemmas

You’ve found the perfect roommate. She’s funny, clean, pays her rent on time, and is courteous—but—you can’t stand her decorating taste. What do you do? It’s technically her space too, so how do you make your shared space look cohesive? Agree to disagree, by setting up these rules. Here’s how [...]

7 Ways to Keep Kids Brains Active Over Summer

Kids are little sponges that soak up tons of information daily. It’s great to have time off for everyone to recuperate, but it’s also important not to let those little minds get bored. Lazy brains that are attached to screens for the entire summer, makes going back to school significantly more [...]

Beginner’s Workout Routines + Tips

Beach season is around the corner, and everyone wants to look good in their summer outfits. It can be daunting starting a new workout routine if you are unfamiliar with what it’s like. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you on track with your workouts and make you successful to reach your [...]

Pros and Cons of Taking a “Gap Year”

Taking time away from studying after high school has become a popular thing to do. It has been dubbed the term “Gap Year” because the intention is to go back to school after a short break. The off-year gives a student time to experience new things and deeply consider their next step in life. It [...]