Pros and Cons of Taking a “Gap Year”

Taking time away from studying after high school has become a popular thing to do. It has been dubbed the term “Gap Year” because the intention is to go back to school after a short break. The off-year gives a student time to experience new things and deeply consider their next step in life. It [...]

Top Coworking Spaces Near Marlton, NJ

One of the most demanding costs on a start-up business is the expensive overhead from renting office space. By renting with a coworking space, you can cut down on costs by only using what you need and spreading the cost across several other businesses. Depending on the location of your [...]

5 Benefits of Having Good Credit

After you turn 18, all of the sudden a landside of credit card advertisements coming flowing in. Insurance companies and banks start advertising to you, and you start looking for affordable housing. All of these things involve your credit score. You’ve heard the commercials about checking your [...]

Best NJ Colleges

New Jersey is fortunate to have several top-ranked schools in the nation. You don’t have to travel far to get an excellent education. There are liberal arts schools, tech schools, and science-focused schools. Think about what area of focus that you desire, and do a little research to see which [...]

5 Ways to Get To Know Your Neighbors Better

Being part of a community is great, but making those first few steps to get to know people can be difficult. We all run into the same problems. We worry that we will say something silly, or that the new neighbor won’t like us. It’s human to have these reservations. The key is to find […]

The Importance of Cruelty-Free Products

Through the centuries people have used cosmetics and additives to make themselves appear more appealing to others. Men and women would paint their faces in ancient Egypt. Later, in the 1700’s, women would add put on white lead powder to make themselves look more pale. Not only for the beauty [...]

5 Ways To Get Healthier Hair

Youthful, luscious hair will always be a must-have beauty trend. Coarse and brittle hair is difficult to style and can affect your overall look. Get back to the basics to revitalize your hair. The end result will give you a healthier glow all around.   Little to No Heat: This can be hard [...]

How to Be a Morning Person

We all know those people. The ones that pop out of bed at the crack of dawn with a giant smile on their face, and sing as they walk around the house – Morning people. Psychology tells us that there are certain personality traits and dispositions that can make us early birds or night owls. [...]

Best Places to Find New Music

The radio is fine, but it can only take you so far. Mainstream music has become predictable and repetitive. If your musical ear is itching for something more, then you need to dig a little deeper. Take a few risks by listening to bands you’ve never heard of to see if their new sound gets […]